What can YOU do to help save the bees?


The honey bees are threatened by many things, including the rapid loss of forage & habitat, increasing chemical usage, and the lack of understanding our interconnections.

We want everyone to recognize what incredible creatures they are & the value of their contributions to our Earth, so that we can ALL help save the bees.

We aim to protect these amazing creatures by helping to educate people of all ages about how YOU can make a difference, by establishing better forage & habitat, and by being better stewards of our Earth.

We cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how YOU can help!

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bee Smart!

Join us for fun and interactive ways that YOU can help the bees! Offering FREE Seminars & Family Friendly Events, Crafting Workshops utilizing products from the hive like HONEY, BEESWAX, POLLEN & PROPOLIS, Gardening for Pollinator Forage & Habitat, Beginning Beekeeping Workshops, Intermediate Beekeeping Workshops, Advanced Beekeeping Workshops, In-Hive Sessions, and Private Gatherings for most any occasion

Bee Happy!

Come see what all of the BUZZ is about in our Uptown Girls Honey Shop! Featuring the perfect gifts Hand Made by Local Artisans, including health and beauty products, stationary and paper products, jewelry, pottery, photography, snowflakes, & pollinator friendly seeds and plants, products from the hive, eco-friendly products, and ALL of the beekeeping supplies you need to start or grow your apiary


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Bee Kind!

Come Visit us to see what’s happening NOW with the bees, the animals, the plants, and us! There are ALWAYS projects in the works, new friends to be found, old friends to keep up with, hard work to be done, and the occasional mishap, but NEVER a dull moment